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Cleaning with Water Not Chemicals – Haan FS20 Floor Sanitizer Steam Mop

A couple of months ago we added a new product to our site, the HAAN Model FS-20 Steam Cleaning Floor Sanitizer. The products popularity truly surprised us. But after testing it, we realized why customers were banging on our doors asking for the Haan FS 20 Steam Mops. Whats really great about the Haan Steam Cleaning Floor Sanitizer is that its not only super easy to use and extremely effective at cleaning, it is an environmentally friendly product. Unlike other floor sanitizers sold on the market, the Haan requires no chemicals, it only cleans with the power of water, meaning that you can feel comfortable using it around children and pets. And with washable pads, you dont have to worry about constantly buying new pads. The Haan Model FS-20 is also extremely versatile, letting you clean a wide variety of hard floor surfaces like hard wood, laminate, vinyl, ceramic, linoleum, marble and more. Also available is an optional short handle allowing you to clean soft surfaces like mattresses, upholstery and stairs. Check out the Haan on our store: www.govacuum.com For all general vacuum inquiries, check out our online store at: www.govacuum.com We hope you enjoy the video! Feel free to send us any requests for videos.

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  1. No, you only want to use water, Lysol will damage the machines boiler, trust me I had the exact same thought as you did, and attempted to put a chemical cleaner in mine, it completely damaged the machines boiler. Not a good idea.

  2. can we put something like lysol on the tank?

  3. Oh, also…can you tell me how many jets the Monster has on the underside of the unit…I can’t seem to find that info. anywhere…Thanks much!

  4. Hi Chris, Thanks for the great videos! They are very helpful. I am trying to decide between the Monster EZ1 steam mop and the Haan FS20. I’m curious which you’d recommend. I like that the Monster has steam jets on the front. The monster can be used on carpets but can it also be used on mattresses like the Haan? I’ve read that some people think the cord on the Haan is too short…Is the Monster cord longer? Thanks for any help you can provide me with!!

  5. Thank you for your great question. The pad on the Haan can be machine washed up to 10 or more times. The best way is to just the pad air dry and not put the pad through the dryer. This will help the velcro on the back of the pad to stay sticky. I have washed my numerous times and still am on my first set of pads. I imagine sooner or later it needs to be replaced, but for as many Haans as sell, the pads are not that popular sellers, meaning people are not having to replace them so often.

  6. Hi GoVacuums,
    How many times can we re-use the pad after washing it? cos we concern that we’re gonna ended up buying it over & over again. And how’s the pad sticked to the head, Is it like velcro? Thanks in advance.

  7. The floor should be vacuumed completely first before using the steamer to vacuum up all loose dirt or crumbs. The vacuum should take care of most of this stuff, and the steamer will take care of the grease and the grime and the ground in stuff.

  8. what about dust, hair and smal crumb of flated bread on the floor or dry tomato skin in the kitchen ?

  9. To be quite honest with you, I am unfamiliar with the Olefin carpets, and I really can’t tell you if the Haan is safe to use on your carpets. You may wish to contact a carpet manufacturer who can better answer that question for you. I do know the Haan is safe to use on most every other carpet including Berber, and Frizzay carpets.

  10. What about Olefin carpet? I believe Olefin has a low melting point. I am living in a home with existing unknown carpet fiber.

  11. roadmasterlimousine

    It can clean crayon wax with steam, wow.

  12. will it kll fleas?

  13. Where as we do sell both the Shark, and the Haan, we have been extremely impressed with the Haan over the Shark. The major difference between Haan and Shark is going to be the pad for one. The Haan uses the best steam mop pad in the industry, hands down. They use an ultra-microfiber bad which is 30% more absorbent. The Haan is a much better quality constructed machine, as well as Haan has 15 different steam jets, Shark = 1. We would highly recommend the Haan over the Shark.

  14. should i get haan or shark steam mop?

  15. Yes, the Haan steamers do a fabulous job on both hardwood floors, and laminate floors. Hardwood floors need to be the newer style floor with a coating of Polyurathane on top, not the old style floors that have be stripped, sanded and waxed. Most floors in the last 10 years are safe to be used with the Haan. For best results, vacuum the loose dirt off the floor first, then go over it with the steamer. Kiss your old mop goodbye after you purchase a new Haan steamer!

  16. Will be safe on hardwood floors or laminate floors? And is it safe enough to be your regular cleaner, or do you need another cleaning tool as well (vaccuum, swiffer) and just use this on special occasions?

  17. How long does the floor need to dry?

  18. The Haan HS-20 is best used on smooth surfaced floors, but certainly will clean ceramic tile. In terms of the grout lines, this machine will not do as well as the canister style steamers. The Haan MS-60, but especially the Ladybug Models, those will do a much better job of cleaning grout as they have specialized grout cleaning tools, the upright style such as the FS-20 in this video, do not have this feature.

  19. I hear great reviews on this, but how is it when it comes to cleaning grout lines?

  20. I’ve been looking for reviews of this product. I have small children of my own and day care kids, so this would be fantastic if it works!

  21. Yes, that is certainly not what the Haan should do. If you are having this problem, you should definitely contact Haan, this will certainly be covered under their warranty. Haan has by far the best service department in the steam cleaning world, they will replace your machine no questions asked.

  22. I have a HAAN FS-50 and it just pours slightly warm water all over the floor. Mine might be defective but I would not buy another.

  23. I am ordering one.

  24. my mom loves that dang thig she wot stop using it she loves it she acts like its a god

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