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Hardwood Floor Repair

This is a small bedroom repair of some of the worst cupping and shrinking I have ever seen. The cause of this type of damage is from years of chemical exposure. Specifically, this room was used as a wood shop and wood stripper was spilled over the floor for a very long time.

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  1. @graveheart1138 I think it’s “Opus One” by Madison Park. I don’t normally associate hardwood floor repair with animal abuse, but from the “before” shot at 0:35, you could almost imagine a fly-by-night kennel.

  2. What’s this song?

  3. @triplet123c You can just replace the six boards that have lifted. It is difficult to explain how to do this in a short comment post, but hit us up on Google Talk and we can help.
    Google Talk screen name: “Refinedhardwood”

  4. @ezalburez For some reason my response to your question did not post. I agree with gpgab971. This is most likely old copper gas tubing. Thanks for watching!

  5. This could simply be an old copper pipe line from an old radiant heater. I have seen contractors come in and flush cut the pipes at the floor level,and some do not bother to plug and repair the area afterward. Try looking for remaining piping under the floor if you can access it.

  6. Maybe you can help me. I have an old house (circa 1906) Around the perimeter of the wood floors are small hole that seem to be copper lined. What is the purpose of the small holes 1/4″ around the perimeter of the room? I can’t seem to find an answer anwhere. thanks

  7. Nice video. Although I have only about six pieces of hardwood floor which need to be replaced from my puppy peeing into it constantly in the same spot, the floor darkened and only 6 pieces are lifted. Can you help me?

  8. This sounds like some sort of uneven staining or possibly some kind of contaminate. The floors may require another refinishing, I hate to say. Thanks for watching!

  9. Thanks so much and we appreciate you watching!

  10. Why thank you, Leslie, I will take that as a huge compliment! Thanks so much for watching!

  11. what a difference.. and i don’t think you could get any more adorable!

  12. We do a lot of work with “Paul Davis” and they are very good at working with the insurance companies. Hope this helps and thanks for watching!

  13. Yes, this is cupping caused by the water. The damaged areas, if severe, may need to be torn out and toothed back in. There should not be a need to tear out all of the floor. As for refinishing, I would recommend having the entire floor sanded if there are no breaks in the floor. The newly sanded would look very different than the new after 13 years should you elect to only sand part. This may be an insurance claim, so check with a local “Paul Davis Restoration” company or similar restoration Co.

  14. Question: I had a roof leak on my 2.25″ oak strip. The damaged boards have lifted at the edges. Assuming that is cupping? Water also came in under the front door (unusually high wind) rippling the wood there. Also had a water leak at the fridge. 3 damaged areas – total floor is area is about 2K sq ft. Is there anyway to repair these areas? Would entire floor need to be sanded and refinished? Floor is 13 years old. Thanks.

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  16. my floor had been refinished, some parts of the floor r brown some are black,

  17. i ve had my floors refinished, and no not the ENTIRE floor is burned. some parts are brown (normal) and some parts are black (burned)

  18. Did you have the the floors refinished prior to moving in? If so and it still looks burned, you may have to do some repairs. Does the entire floor looked burned?

  19. when we got our house the floors looked burned and they still look like that

  20. There are several manufacturers of floor jacks. this one is produced by Porta-Nails Inc. You should be able to pick one up through a hardwood flooring suppy distributer. If not, let us know and we can get you connected with the right people. Thanks for Watching!

  21. Where did you get the jack/tool that prys the final boards? I’ve always done it with a flat bar but that looks like it works GREAT!
    Your videos and results look awesome.

  22. Can anyone tell me what the title and artist is for the soundtrack? I would love to know. Thanks.

  23. This is one of those jobs that was on a very tight budget. Ripping out all the way to the door would have added about 40 square feet (because there was a closet as well) to the project, which equated to about $275 – $300 more in labor and material. We tore back to where the flooring was still servicable, re-installed with the same species and refinished. Thanks for watching!

  24. now why would nt you rip out the old stuff back to the door

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