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How to Use a Vacuum Cleaner : How to Use a Vacuum Cleaner Crevice Tool

Learn how to use the crevice tool of vacuum cleaners with expert tips in this free cleaning and home maintenance video on vacuum cleaners. Expert: Travis Waak Bio: Travis Waak sold vacuums professionally door to door for 3 years. During that time he sold literally hundreds of machines homeowners in heed. He has also repaired hundreds of machines. Filmmaker: Travis Waack

GoVacuum Hardwood Floor Mop Comparison: Bona Versus Swiffer. For years, Swiffer® has had a stranglehold on the hardwood floor-cleaning market. Its Wet Jet® mopping system was a virtual monopoly, with no competitor up to the task of dethroning the supposed king of clean. That was until the release of Bona’s Hardwood Spray Mop. After conducting an extensive review of the Bona product in a side-by-side comparison with its competition, the Swiffer, GoVacuum was blown away by the results. Not only did the Bona mop prove superior to the WetJet, but even more surprisingly, it wasn’t even close. Some highlights of the findings: *Bona’s state-of-the-art microfiber pad is reusable up an astounding 250 times – Replacing Swiffers disposable pads for the same amount of use would cost an additional 0 *Bona’s mist spray does just that, emitting a fine mist up to 3 feet out -By comparison, Swiffer’s spray creates puddles that can be damaging to hardwood floors *Bona’s mop is six inches wider than the Swiffer WetJet, making for more efficient use and less work for the consumer * The Bona mop also comes with a bigger solution tank than Swiffer’s (28 oz. vs. 16 oz.), and unlike its competitor, doesn’t require batteries to operate. In retrospect, we really shouldn’t have been surprised by the results of the trial. Bona has been an industry leader in hardwood floor care for over a century, so the release of a yet another top-of-the-line product is just more of the same from this company


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  1. ………if you have kids? ……….someone who made kids needs to be told how to use a vacuum? you forgot to mention that a crevice tool probably can’t vacuum up that half empty milk carton stuffed between your couch cushions.

  2. maybe this vid. was made for those raised by wolves

  3. do they make a video to show me how to pour milk over cereal ? Or how to put one foot in front of the other, or walk and chew gum at the same time? I’m really stumped on these matters, but I ‘m allowed to drive, and make babies and Vote. So don’t pick on Me man. big fan of Idiot Village

  4. any idiot Should know how to use a vacuum

  5. wow so i guess i have been doing it wrong all this time i truly understand now 5 stars!!!!!

  6. thats a g5 with a g4 bag on it. Also they are called wands. Nice video 🙂

  7. I would like to challenge anyone who owns a Swiffer WetJet to buy a Bona Mop and compare it to the Swiffer. If you aren’t completely satisfied that the Bona Mop cleans better, easier, and overall is a better product, We’ll let you return it to us for a full 100% refund, no restock fees or shipping charges, and we’ll even pay for the return shipping. That’s how confident I am that you’ll love the Bona Floor Mop.

  8. @GoVacuums thanks

  9. @zunehdrocks Hello, thanks for watching! Yes, the Hoover Floormate does Scrub, Wash, and Vacuum all at the same time. For Hardwood floors, the Bona mop would still be a better choice, but for tile or linoleum floors, the Hoover FloorMate does an outstanding job, probably even better then the Bona.

  10. @GoVacuums does the floormate wash and vacuum at the same time?

  11. GO Bona Vacuum!

  12. missmurder713713

    Only suckers keep buying the solution over and over again. You can just refill it. I really love my swiffer wet jet, but then again I have linoleum floors. I’d be picky with anything if I had nice hardwood floors.

  13. @GoVacuums ok, thanks

  14. @GoVacuums ok, thanks

  15. @Penguinboy1995 The Hoover Floormate is a great machine, and I agree with you is probably ideal for cleaning hardwood floors. With a vacuum built in, there’s really no other machine like it, and it does a fabulous job on all bare surface floors.

  16. you could get a Hoover floor mate there awesome they also vacuum the floor before you clean too.

  17. @jjaniero Hello, thanks for your comment on our video. I just wanted to clarify on the type of floors we are using the Bona on. It’s actually a laminate floor we have put down in our retail store that’s being used, and not real hardwood floors.

    Hope this clarified it for you.

  18. why is this supposed ‘expert’ mopping in the wrong direction against the grain? bad for wood floor. this is not a review, it’s a commercial

  19. @AllMyEggsInOneBasket Hi There. You really should not run the Bona pads through the dryer, they are meant to be air dried, not machine dried. I don’t think that you can compare the cost of a running a single washing machine cycle, to the overall cost of a disposable pad. If you’re taking into account the costs to the environment especially, the pad by swiffer is much more damaging. Also, the Bona pad is 40% larger then Swiffer’s making it much more effective at cleaning large areas.

  20. AllMyEggsInOneBasket

    Bona makes a good mop…the unit he shows is great IF you do not have small areas to get to. Swiffer is also good…they have different types of solution available. The solution he was useing for this demo is NOT for wood floors. He mentioned the bona pad is washable, TRUE. But, when factoring the cost of running them through the washer and dryer, Swiffer toss-aways are cheaper, and ready ito be used. I prefer the swiffer.

  21. I see someone failed basic math. 28oz at 9.99 is not more economical than 16oz at 5.00 plus I found 33.8oz of wetjet for 6.49. How durable does it need to be? if its not made of coardboard its fine. Plus he wasn’t using the wetjet solution for hardwood floors. I like govacuum videos but this is a fail


    @GoVacuums I just got this today and it got the job done alot better and faster than the wet jet. Thanks for the upload.

  23. @KellyGreen5555 Hi There, no the Bona does not use batteries to spray the solution, but instead uses a spring mechanism to spray the solution out. Just another “green” reason to go with the Bona Mop over the Swiffer.

  24. KellyGreen5555

    So the Bona does NOT take batteries?

  25. Im a hardwood flooring contractor and all I can add to this is Bona is the front runner in the hardwood finishing industry and would use nothing else. The Bona floor cleaning system is excellent and I recommend it to my customers. The swiffer is JUNK……my wife had one she bought and it fell appart in a week (I told her so) The best thing about the swiffer is their funny commercials and nothing else.
    “Baby come back”……….

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