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iRobot Scooba Floor Washing Robot Kit – Item: 196-429

Waltz through your cleaning day with the Scooba Floor Washing Robot Kit by iRobot. This self-contained cleaning robot preps, washes, scrubs and dries your hard floors all by itself while you read, lunch or watch TV. Just fill the tank, press clean and empty and rinse the tank to finish. The Scooba navigates under and around furniture, rugs and hard-to-reach places. It comes with 2 virtual walls that let you block doorways so that the Scooba stays in one room. There’s also a storage mat, which protects your floors when you put the Scooba away and 8 oz. of child- and pet-safe cleaning solution that’s good for 4 cleanings. iRobot Scooba Floor Cleaning Robot Kit Includes: Power supply Battery 2 virtual…

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  1. 3:46 Battery died. 😛

  2. too bad it doesnt do corners

  3. i like the roomba professional better but it is sooooo expensive even of HSN flexpay. is there any other any to get a much lower price ike $199?

  4. This is an old model which I don’t believe is still being sold. We leave the video up for people who own it and have had questions. The newer ones are rechargeable. Some even know when their batteries are running down and go back to the docking station to recharge. Visit our website and search for “irobot” to see all models currently available.
    HSN Shopping Diva

  5. WhiteWarrior1314

    Can it recharge itself?

  6. Roomba is a Vacuuming robot, like the scooba, only without the water, and DIY is “Do It Yourself”

  7. what is a roomba and what is a diy? this is about the scooba right?

  8. 10:59 Lexus reference 😀 love it.

  9. you wash the brushes, every part of the scooba you can take apart and clean if you want

  10. Man, I wish Shannon Smith would look this good these days, She’s really drop the ball. She used to be so pretty. I used to only watch HSN for her. She is so beautiful in this segment.

  11. The guy is either nervious or forgets what he was gonna say a lot XD.

  12. Oh and I trust iRobot brand, so I will at least try to get one, but I will wait until I get an iRobot create, And when I get more Roombas, I will attempt to make the DIY version with my Roomba, But not right now. But I will eventually get one. And sorry about the last comment, but I do have to admit it is expensive.

  13. I would get one, but this was 2 years old and they are expensive, I can probably do a DIY version of it. But when I get my house, I will try to get one.

  14. i doubt you could eat food from the floor after it cleans…the brushes obviously have germs on them…and it will be leaving them behind…

  15. when it plays that sound it means the battery is dead

  16. itsallaboutmeow

    6 months later a responce…

    it stopped because it’s done. It beeps saying hey I’m done.

  17. it did breakdown and its loud ass hell


  19. Love mine, works great!

  20. At 3:48 it breaks down..

  21. i love my scooba!!

  22. 12:42, camera pans down to reveal that the container is already filled with black gunk before the ‘dirty liquid’ is poured in

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