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Hoover LiNX Cordless Stick Vac {Mom Spotted Review}

Retire your dustpan and broom and transform your everyday floor cleaning! This sleek, versatile stick vacuum is always ready to deliver upright performance1 with Fade Free2 Lithium-Ion battery power. The only stick vacuum with Hoover WindTunnel® technology and cyclonic filtration for no loss of suction3 even when moving from hard floors to low pile carpet.

Let your iRobot Dirt Dog Heavy Duty Cleaning Robot dance around the garage or basement, cleaning while you relax. This model features an oversized bin for collecting the dirt, sawdust and other debris that can collect on your garage, basement or other hard floor surface, including industrial carpet. You also get the virtual wall that enables you to confine the Dirt Dog to cleaning a specific area. iRobot Dirt Dog Sweeping Robot Features: Charger – recharges in about 6 hours Side-brush cleaning tool – cleans along walls and gets into corners Virtual wall; requires 2 D batteries, not included Model #1100 Measures approx. 13.4″ in diameter Comes with a manufacturer’s 1-year limited warranty Keywords: Home…
Video Rating: 3 / 5


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  1. Great video, thanks guys ! Another great pool product now available is the VACVICE ! Check out it to make your maintenance easier. Search online here for VACVICE and see what you think !

  2. When are they gonna make one that cleans toilets and takes out the trash?

  3. When are they gonna make one that cleans toilets and takes out the trash?

  4. @HSN thanks! 🙂

  5. @HSN Got it! Thanks!

  6. @delliswierd
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  7. I wanna work for HSN especially Home and Electronics! SADLY, im only 15 :/

  8. humblemonkeyboy

    i could make a better 1 if i had the money for research i would make a better 1 and at a low price 2 so every 1 could have 1 and no more brooms thumbs up if u agree with me

  9. therndvidm8ker104

    if the world ran like roomba etc backt hen every 6 months or so it would stop

  10. @agerolimatos
    HSN Shopping Diva

  11. I had a feeling my robot was misbehaving when I was not home, I set up a video camera and got the proof that I needed. Beware, this technology is sending your personal info with audio and video to the gov’t. It also hacks into wireless modem w/o your knowledge…

  12. nintendoatarikiller

    omg I saw it go for the pool and I was thinking that it was going to jump into the pool 😛

  13. We need Will Smith to make a movie about this.

  14. You knnow i really like how when it got stuck they pand of of it haah just saying

  15. PastYourDeadTime

    “…it eats up. It literally will eat your garage floor. It will eat it. Do you understand? It will destroy it.” @ 5:06 lol

  16. can i get on in britain? =)

  17. Thanks for your demo!Is the DIRT DOG HSN available in Australia! Many thanks Kathy Ward

  18. @HSN He has been working at HSN for about 15 years I believe and yes, he does work in St. Pete!

  19. @ben100014
    I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting your uncle. Doe he work in St. Pete? Is he by chance on on-air guest? If so, then I at least know who you’re talking about.
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  20. @HSN Yeah, you are right, I did see it completely sweep up all of the dirt! I ended up buying it for my garage. Do you know my uncle who works at HSN by any chance, Ed Schwartz? I know it is a random question, but I am just curious. 🙂

  21. @ben100014
    The iRobot cleaning robots are programmed to run patterns across a surface repeatedly until all areas have been cleaned. In our demo, there probably wasn’t time for it to run its complete cycle. And this is an older model we sold several years ago. I suspect that the newer models are even better.
    HSN Shopping Diva

  22. On the first one, it missed a spot, and that bugs me! 😛

  23. Why don’t you just hoover instead of relying on robots? We’re faster, smarter

  24. @zilvinasklp Nah, cleaning is boring and it makes us lazy afterwards, people skip exercising because they have to clean.